The Frank Lloyd Wright Companion CD-ROM

The Wright structures are documented using text, pictures, drawings, and movies. The screen below, showing the structures built in 1906 in the Prairie Years, illustrates a typical "Architectural Era" .

The screen below, showing the Meyer May Residence, illustrates a typical Wright structure page.

Each of the thumbnail pictures, shown at the bottom of the page, can be displayed full size, simply by clicking on the small picture. Over 600 of the nearly 1,000 photographs are in color. Here is example picture of the Robie House...

In addition to photographs, over 700 floor plans are included on the CD-ROM. Below is an example floor plan page:

The Wright structures are organized by Architectural Era, and by location. Each of the 433 Wright structures can be located using maps of the world, countries, and states. A simple mouse click on the name of a Wright building, will take you to that structure.

In addition to the information on the Wright structures, many of Wright's architectural concepts are illustrated...

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