Lionel: A Collector's Guide and History PostWar
Technical Support, Updates, and Bug Fixes


The version of the CD-ROM is listed in the readme.txt file in the top folder of the CD-ROM.

For online copy of the paper instruction sheet for PC Version 1.1.

For online copy of the paper instruction sheet for MAC Version 1.3

PROBLEM: Pictures do not display on Windows 3.1

SOLUTION: Run the pict31.exe file. This will unzip four files: readme.txt, apwfif.ucd, deco.dll, and fixpic31.exe. Run the fixpic31.exe file, which will install some new libraries on your hard disk.

Please let us know if this fix does not solve the picture display problem.

PROBLEM: Music and videos do not play

SOLUTION: Quicktime for Windows is not installed on your computer. Run the setup.exe file on the CD-ROM. Select the box to install Quicktime for Windows.


PROBLEM: An error message is given when you try to print the collection ("... file not found") and this error occurs because the collection name has a blank space in it. A collection folder with a blank character cannot be removed or renamed in Windows 3.1, so follow the Solution below to fix the problem. For WIN95, you many correct the problem on the system using instructions below (do not run chg_name.exe for WIN95).

SOLUTION: Download the fix_name.exe file. Run the fix_name.exe file which will unzip a chg_name.exe file. Run chg_name.exe which will prompt you for the name of the folder (with the blank in it). It will rename the folder, replacing the blank with an underscore character. You can now rename this folder using the File Manager if you so desire. When you run the Collector's Guide, enter in a new user name that matches the folder name.


IMPROVING THE PERFORMANCE of Version 1.1 on Windows 3.1/Windows 95

Run the speedup.exe program. This will install the music files and database files in the appropriate locations on your hard disk.

PROBLEM: GE 44 Ton Switchers are not found by Find/Search and do not print with "Print Entire Collection". Note that 44 Ton Switchers do print by selecting print for the 44 Ton Switcher category itself (alone) and are contained in your collection file if you have entered them previously.

SOLUTION: First run the speedup.exe discussed above (if you have not done it already).Then install new version of database.txt file into c:\ windows\A3w_data\lionel\database\postwar\database.txt on your hard drive. To do this, click on database.txt , then select "File" "Save As" from Browser menubar and save to "c:\ windows\A3w_data\lionel\database\postwar\database.txt".

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