(This is an on-line copy of paper instructions available for Postwar Version 1.1 for PC)

Installation of the Collector's Guide:
For Win3.1 or Win95: See instructions inside CD-ROM Jewel case insert.

Tips for getting started with the Collector's Guide
For full information about using the Postwar Collectors Guide read all information in the Help section of the Guide which is selected on the PostWar Screen. (the same information is contained in the Help.htm file with can be read using an Internet Browser.)
· When the cursor changes from an Arrow to a Hand, the area under the cursor is active. You can click on that area to see more information.
· To move to Next or Previous screen of text or train items, click on Right or Left Winged Arrow on top right of screen (or use right/left arrow keys).
· To go Back to a previous screen level,

· Click on the small circle Conductor icon in lower right corner of Train Item screen get access to the Conductor's ticket containing:

Tracking & Printing Collection(s) [you can have multiple collections]
1. To add items to Your Collection:

2. To save an entry you must cycle through the entire condition list:

3. To print your collection, click on the small circle Conductor icon in lower right corner of Train Item screen to open the Conductor's ticket

4. To start another collection under new name or switch back to previous collection name:

Searching the Collector's Guide - you can find an entry by number or name
· Select Search/Find in Conductor's Ticket OR use shortcut keys Alt F/Alt G
· OR click on a number displayed in the item description or picture caption on the Train Item screen.
· At prompt "Enter a word or item number" enter any word or Lionel® item number. Hit the Search button or hit enter.
For faster searches: go into the category of the item & start search there.
In searches, ? matches any single character; * matches multiple characters.
To find all 6464 boxcars, type: 6464*, to find items 2400 to 2499, type: 24??


On the PC, the ALT key is used for many of the special functions.
ESCAPE Go Back, Return to Earlier Screen
ALT F Find/Search
ALT G Find Again (Repeats previous search)
ALT P Print the Screen
ALT Q, CTRL Q Quit and Exit Program
ALT Z, ALT X Music On, Music Off
RIGHT ARROW Next Page of Text, or Next Train Item Page
LEFT ARROW Previous Page of Text, or Next Train Item Page

To go directly from the Train Item Page to Tour (where you can Print Your Collection):
ALT T Go to Tour & Print Collection Page

For Technical Help & Updates to CD-ROM
Check web site "" for updates, information, fixes, and yearly updates for Collectors Guide (price & rarity) information. As updates and improvements are made, new files will be made available via Technical Support on that Internet site.

For assistance in using the CD-ROM, online help is included on the CD-ROM
in HTML format in the HELP folder. Open the HELP.HTM file in the HELP folder using an Internet Browser (or Oracle PowerBrowser on CD-ROM).
Some type of Internet Browser must be installed to open the .html file properly. The install program gives the option to install Oracle PowerBrowser if desired.

Windows 3.1 users can also run the HELP16.EXE program located in the PC_LION folder on the CD-ROM. Windows95 users can also run the HELP32.EXE program in the PC_LION folder.
1. Carefully read information in Help on the PostWar screen in Collectors Guide or use Browser to read help.htm
2. Check web site "" for updates, information, fixes, and yearly updates for Collectors Guide (price & rarity) information.
3. Contact
Prairie Multimedia, Inc.
at 31W165 Smith Rd. Wayne, IL 60184

Performance Improvements:
If you do not have access to the Internet for updates from the web site "", then you can improve performance by doing the steps below. First, run the application once before doing the following steps, so that the appropriate directories are set up during the startup of the PostWar program.

1. Move the windows\a3w_data\Music directory to windows\a3w_data\Lionel\Music (this will improve performance while music is playing).
2. Copy from the CD-ROM in drive d: (or other CD-ROM drive designation if you have more than one hard drive) the folder d:/database to c:/windows/a3w_data/Lionel/database. (the same directory that contains a folder with your collection name & where other Postwar information is stored on your machine).

Windows 3.1 Users:
Some Win3.1 Systems encounter a problem where the train pictures are not displayed. This problem can be fixed by running the fixpic31\fixpic31.exe program which is located on the Internet web site under Technical Support.

Win3.1 users who do not use the internet may not have a winsock.dll. If not, the winsock.dll on the CD-ROM can be used to allow browsers, like Oracle's Powerbrowser, to be used without connecting to the internet. Copy winsock.dll in the CD-ROMs pb folder to your PC's browser (PowerBrowser) folder (typically on c:). This version of winsock.dll CANNOT be used when accessing the Internet. To access the Internet, install a full Winsock.dll (supplied with Win95 or browser) & remove this version (unless install overwrote it).